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December 2015

This past month, we have been participating in numerous charitable activities in order to help those in need. We recently filled all of our barrels during our Harvesters food collection, and this month we are working with City Union Mission. Throughout the years, Mr. Orr would go to City Union Mission around Thanksgiving and Christmas time and help serve meals to the homeless and hungry. Our goal this holiday season is to continue his legacy by donating for the less fortunate families across Kansas City.

November 2015

MBPI has begun collecting food for Harvesters Community Food Network. Each year we fill barrels and donate them to families in need for the holiday season. Harvesters’ mission is to feed hungry people today and work to end hunger tomorrow. They are a regional food bank serving a 26-county area of northwestern Missouri and northeastern Kansas. Harvesters provides food and related household products to more than 620 not-for-profit agencies including emergency food pantries, community kitchens, homeless shelters, children’s homes and others.

October 2015

Every October, Employee Ownership Month takes over the MBPI offices with fun activities and events. While MBPI employees celebrate being owners, ESOP month also provides a great reminder that each employee has the opportunity to continue to take a vested interest in the future of MBPI. This year’s theme is “Flying as a team, gives our ESOP wings!” Team work isn’t just the key to the success of MBPI, but also to our future growth!

September 2015

Thank you to everyone that participated in the 2015 Charlie’s House Home Run for Safety!

This event featured a 5K, 3K, and .4K Kids Fun Run in the memory of Charlie Horn, a Kansas City boy, whose life tragically ended at the age of 2, when a small dresser in his home fell on him.

All money raised will help fund the ultimate goal of Charlie’s House: to open a safety demonstration home and training facility in Kansas City where caregivers can experience firsthand how to safety-proof their homes, as well as, continue to provide education and awareness initiatives to keep children safe.

August 2015

MBPI has released a new mobile application for Apple and Android devices.

The introduction of this free app will improve customer service while also enhancing agent and dealer communication. Customers and agents will be able to download the MBPI app in seconds, and instantly take advantage of a variety of benefits.

Customer benefits include instant access to:

• Dealership information

• Purchased protection plan(s)

• Vehicle information, terms & conditions

• Log maintenance

Agent benefits include instant access to:

• Dealership information

• Customer claim information

• Contract sales

• Product production and goals

July 2015

MBPI recently celebrated our 34th anniversary at Kauffman stadium for “MBPI Night at the K”. During this event we were able to enjoy great food, cold drinks, and a Royals win over the Tampa Bay Rays! Thank you to everyone who attended, and we look forward to many more exciting events to come!

June 2015

MBPI now offers a new GAP. This new MBPI GAP is fully insured by Wesco Insurance Company, an AmTrust Financial Company, rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

New benefits include:

48 month GAP

63 month GAP

150% non franchise GAP


May 2015

MBPI recently celebrated our birthday! 34 years after Mr. Orr started MBPI from the trunk of his own car, he still shows up every day to lead our top rated company. In order to celebrate, he fired up the grill and we all enjoyed burgers and brats. Thank you to all of our employees that have helped us make it this far.

April 2015

MBPI will soon be releasing our own iPhone and Android app. The MBPI app will provide a variety of features for our agents and customers. Agents will be able to monitor their specific dealerships, customer activity, contracts sold, and more. As for customers, they will be able to view important details in regard to their contract, such as expiration information, a maintenance log, and more. We are still developing and testing the user interface, and we are excited for the benefits that our new app will provide!

March 2015

Thank you to everyone that attended our 2015 Agent Meeting! We had a great time meeting with all of our agents and attendees. During the meeting we went over new programs, finance changes, technology updates, and much more. 

February 2015

MBPI will soon be releasing our new program called “MBPI Total Package”. We will have more details on this 5-1 product at the agent meeting.
This new product will be offering coverage for:
• Tire, Wheel & Rim
• Dent & Ding
• Windshield Repair
• Key Protection
• Roadside Assistance

January 2015

We recently celebrated Bill Orr’s 15th anniversary with MBPI! We enjoyed a nice pizza party and a “cookie cake”. Before working with MBPI, Bill used to work in coal mines. Bill currently assists all of our employees with many day to day operations, and his smile, kind heart, and helpful attitude have been great to have around the office the past 15 years. We look forward to many more years to come with him!

December 2014

Our employees recently participated in Harvesters, which is a food donation service for families in need. Our goal was to fill all four barrels in a month, and we were able to do even better! 
Each year we truly enjoy being able to gather food to help children and families that would not be able to have a great meal during the holidays. 

November 2014

We recently took some time to recognize all our our employees’ hard work during our ESOP ceremony. During this ceremony, our employees were recognized with a certificate reflecting his or her vested interest in the company. Gold coins with an MBPI logo were also given out to each employee. Throughout the year we will be giving out prizes to employees that keep their gold coin with them here at the office. Without the hard work and dedication of our employees we could not be where we are today. 

October 2014

Costumes and candy were in full effect on Halloween this year at MBPI. Many of our employees dressed up in crazy outfits and enjoyed handing out candy to all of the kids that came to visit the office. Rebeca from Finance and Rachel from Underwriting took home the top prize for best costume. They both dressed up as lawn ornaments, and they were clearly the most creative pairing of the day. The kids that came to visit had a great time, and so did our employees. We look forward to next year’s Halloween for even more fun with the kids!

September 2014

There is a new feature that has been added to the Portal/Rater where you can add a logo for a more customized look and feel. This feature is available for both agents and dealers. A new training mode feature will soon be added onto the rater so a dealer can click a checkbox and begin practicing using all of the rater features. This will be an effective way for dealers to learn how to us the rater without the fear of making mistakes. Agents will also be able to utilize this feature.

August 2014

We recently celebrated the 15 year work anniversary for Mike Pemberton (Claims Adjuster) and Sue Edwards (Receptionist). Throughout the years they both have proved to be exemplary employees and we are so glad to have them with us!

July 2014

We recently had a celebratory “MBPI Happy Hour” last week with our employees. At this event we enjoyed great food, cold beverages, games, and great conversation between our employees. George, Karen, and Megan were the champions of the games, and they proudly displayed their trophy to everyone else that participated. It was truly a great time to relax and unwind after a workday!

June 2014

New Employees

Robbie G: Robbie will be working in our underwriting/cancellations department. He is hoping to gain more experience in multiple areas within MBPI. He is hoping to translate his hard work ethic into success. During his free time he likes to golf, disc golf, go to Chiefs games, and watch sports.

Madison C: Madison will be working in our GAP department. She has previously worked in childcare centers and has done work with a company that performed background checks. She is hoping to learn more about GAP and all of the details within that department. During her free time she enjoys going to Sporting Kansas City games with her husband, spending time with her nieces, and studying Spanish.

Jennifer T: Jennifer will be working in our finance department. Jennifer has many years of accounting experience with other companies. During her free time she likes to spend time at the lake because she loves warm weather. She also loves spending time with her four girls and her three dogs. She has two Great Danes named Cooper and Shadow, and she also has a Chihuahua named Chloe. 

May 2014

Ashley R. – Ashley will be working in our finance department. She has previously worked as a CNA and is looking forward to gaining experience here at MBPI. She likes to stay busy and feels that MBPI will be very beneficial for her in regard to work experience. During her free time she likes to shop and spend time with her friends. She also has a 4 year old son named Keaton.

Kara K. – Kara will be working in our finance department. Kara used to be a leasing agent, and also has worked with kids at a daycare. She likes the office environment at MBPI and she hopes to have a long career with us. During her free time she likes to spend time having fun with her 9 month old son Korbin.

Finance System Improvements April 2014

MBPI will have an improved finance software system that will be active in the early part of the 2014 summer. 

New Employees April 2014

MBPI has hired two new employees! We filled a part time underwriting position as well as a finance position. We look forward to getting to know both of our new employees and are glad to have them both join the MBPI family!

Improved Facilities Update April 2014

MBPI has completed Phase 1 of our previously mentioned improvement goals. We now have enhanced media displays, additional conference room technology and improved workspace ergonomics.

Enhancements to Agent/Dealer Portal April 2014

We have made numerous improvements to our agent and dealer portal!

Financial Institution is now a dropdown as opposed to a text box.

You can now add a second customer name when pricing/selling a contract

Line numbers have been added to the register and remittance reports.

To find our more about these enchancements please contact Scott at 877-706-8453

Recent Conferences April 2014

We recently attended the F&I and NADA conferences in both Las Vegas and New Orleans. Our very own Chad White spoke at the F&I conference, and we greatly enjoyed getting to meet everyone during our stay. We look forward to attending next year's conferences and are excited for the future of the industry!

Job Openings April 2014

Please reference our Employment page at http://mbpnetwork.com/about/employment

F & I Conference - September 9, 2013

Lee’s Summit, MO—Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc. (MBPI) will be attending the 2013 F&I Conference and Expo at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel on September 16-18. MBPI will join a variety of service contract and extended warranty providers for this annual event. The agenda can be found here: http://www.fi-conference.com/at-a-glance/

Cutting Edge Online Presence Unveiled - May 28, 2013

Lee’s Summit, MO, —Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc. (MBPI), one of America’s premier extended vehicle service contract providers for the automotive industry, launches a new client centric and consumer centric online presence. This new synergy of an enhanced website, a new Facebook presence, and a new LinkedIn presence is expected to drive brand awareness and enrich client and consumer engagement with MBPI.

The new online identity brings to the table; an enhanced user interface and a more expansive source of product knowledge that will allow for a more fulfilling online experience for dealerships, agents, and consumers. Product features and benefits are now more accessible than ever before, creating additional touch-points for consumers, agents, and dealers to engage with MBPI and discover how MBPI can benefit them. "Our online visitors will now experience a more pleasing and information-filled site,” says President Kevin Orr. "A new home in cyberspace for the wider education of consumers, agents and dealers on the strength of our products and our brand. The enhancements will make for a more exciting and informative site than ever."

Protection Connection - New Agent/Dealer Portal Launched - May 20, 2013

Lee’s Summit, MO—Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc. (MBPI) enhances its agent’s efficiency and profit potential with its new Agent/Dealer Portal launch, “Protection Connection.” Agents now have the ability to access real-time month to date and year to date data for all of their dealers from their mobile device, desktop, or tablet 24/7. Comparative analytics of monthly and yearly sales trends, claims, and loss ratios presented in clear numeric and graph formats let agents manage their accounts more efficiently and with greater impact.

Recent Staff Additions - Jan 2013

Lee's Summit, MO - MBPI expanded its staff in Kansas City by almost 10% over the last calendar year. Growth in demand for MBPI products, the company’s focus on streamlined operations and investment in its core philosophy of customer service, has created the need to expand its staff size. Additional hiring in key positions was also done to accommodate both growth and expansion in its branding via technical innovation which will continue to spur further hiring in the future.

Facility Enhancements Announced - Jan 2013

Lee's Summit, MO - MBPI announces plans for continued enhancements to its already state-of-the-art facility. With a timetable of completion of the Fall of 2013, MBPI plans include enhanced media displays, additional conference room technology and improved workspace ergonomics.