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MBPI’s claims service is second to none. With over 200 years of combined experience, it was no wonder MBPI was rated the top service contract administrative company in the United States (according to the latest J.D. Power survey of dealer  service contract providers). Our claims adjusters are ASE certified with the majority of them actually having dealership experience. We understand the customer’s concerns and we understand the dealership’s job. Together, that makes for a swift and peaceful completion of your vehicle repair claim.

Our goal is to adjudicate the repair claim and then pay any valid claims as quickly as possible. All incoming calls are answered by a live operator to help guide you through the claims process.

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  • Take the vehicle to the selling dealer.

  • If the vehicle cannot be returned to the selling dealer, take the vehicle to the nearest franchise dealership or certified repair facility

  • If the vehicle cannot be driven without further damage occurring, call the emergency roadside assistance phone number (866.273.4699) for towing to the nearest franchise dealership or certified repair facility

  • Provide the dealership or repair facility with your contract and ensure that prior authorization is obtained from Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc. (MBPI)

  • If you do not have your contract readily available, the service advisor may call MBPI for verification of coverage.

  • MBPI reserves the right to require an inspection of your vehicle prior to any repairs.

  • In the event of an inspection, you may be asked to authorize a tear down of the vehicle.

  • Should the vehicle have an authorized claim and need to be kept at the repair facility for the day or longer, you will be entitled to be reimbursed for at least $35 a day for a rental car. See the actual service contract for additional rental benefits and terms.

  • For any authorized repairs, the cost of the repairs to you will be the deductible stated on the service contract.

    MBPI’s contact information for claims:
    250 NE Mulberry
    Lee’s Summit, MO 64086
    Telephone: 800.325.7484
    Fax: 816.347.8224
    Fax: 816-347-9265 GAP Claims