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Being in business for over 30 years and administrating over 1,000,000 service contracts while still maintaining an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau means that we have thousands of satisfied customers and dealers. The following testimonials are just a few that have been brought to our attention recently:

  • Monica from a Springfield, Missouri dealership wrote:
    "I wish every extended warranty company was like you guys. Instead, I have to fight the other ones to get paid. Thanks for being awesome!"

  • Dan from an auto parts supplier wrote:
    "Through the years you come to appreciate the few and far between “genuine” people that you get to be associated with in and outside of business. You have a great group of people and by far the best I have ever worked with. Thank you so much for all you have done with us – past and future."

  • Customer Kathie from New Jersey had this to say about her claims experience:
    "Very recently, I had problems with my vehicle. I called your company and dealt with an employee who made me feel very comfortable. I’m getting older and never thought I’d say these things, but customer service is never really recognized and it is very important. Employees can make or break a company. All people do is complain and never put praise to paper. I want it to be made known that your employee went above and beyond what is expected as part of his daily responsibilities. He showed me a courteous and upbeat attitude. I know I was a pain, but he was extremely patient. He saved me from being charged incorrectly and saved me from repairs that would not have even fixed my vehicle. He is an asset to your establishment. It makes me feel good that I initially got a refund from my previous warranty company and went with your company. Thank you."

  • Customer Chad from Kansas also had a pleasant experience with us:
    "I must say, it has been very nice working with your company. I have had several other extended warranty contracts. None of the other companies have even been close to providing the same level of service as MBPI. My wife and I reluctantly purchased our contract with MBPI because of our past experiences with other extended warranty companies. The dealership highly recommended MBPI, so we decided to give an extended warranty one last try. Needless to say we were very pleased with our decision. I would like to recommend MBPI to my friends and family. Thanks."