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With Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc. (MPBI), an affordable vehicle service contract is within your reach. MBPI offers a convenient way to finance the cost of your vehicle service contract through MBP Finance.

MBP Finance has been assisting consumers with their vehicle service contract purchase for over 25 years. It offers a zero interest program with a small down payment and a non-refundable service fee that can be rolled into the cost of the vehicle service contract. With four different payment options and multiple terms, MBP Finance offers an affordable plan for nearly everyone. Once you purchase your vehicle service contract, you can choose to pay your monthly payments via credit card, debit card, automatic checking account withdrawal or simply mailing in a check with a monthly invoice. You get to choose! Soon, we will be offering a secure online system to make vehicle service contract payments even easier and convenient to make.

Besides assisting their customers with various payment options and terms, dealerships will appreciate using our state-of-the-art finance system that allows them to access the loan quote screen. This screen assists the dealership in calculating a customer’s vehicle service contract payment. It also produces the customer forms so that the customer leaves the dealership with all of the information about their vehicle service contract and financing terms. Plus, this streamlines the entire process to reduce errors and provide faster and more efficient service -- which is a must when it comes to purchasing a vehicle service contract.

Questions regarding vehicle service contract purchases through MBP Finance may be addressed directly with MBPI at 800.325.7484.