Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc. of Lee's Summit, Missouri is a proud provider of vehicle service contracts, also known as extended car warranty services. Our Preferred program is designed for franchised car dealers to provide their customers with maximum protection. 

Our Preferred Program:

We offer a number of different vehicle service contracts -- also known as extended car warranties -- to ensure your needs are met. We have a variety of different levels and terms of coverage to fit your needs. Most vehicles that have less than 150,000 miles and that are 10 years old or younger will qualify for Preferred vehicle service contract coverage. Our Preferred vehicle service contract program contains four levels of coverage: Premium, Custom, Powertrain, and Value Plus packages.

Our Vehicle Service Contract (Extended Car Warranty) Packages:

Premium Vehicle Service Contract:

Just as the name suggests, our Premium vehicle service contract provides the highest level of protection against mechanical breakdown. As far as vehicle service contracts are concerned, our Premium plan is the absolute best option available on the market.

Custom Vehicle Service Contract:

Do you want the benefits of our Powertrain vehicle service contracts with additional electronics service protection? If so, our Custom package is a great way to satisfy your car coverage needs. This vehicle service contract covers anti-lock brakes, four-wheel steering, and fuel system services, just to name a few.

Powertrain Vehicle Service Contract:

If you want a vehicle service contract that covers some of the more expensive car repairs for a lower cost, our Powertrain package is a great resource. This vehicle service contract will allow you to be certain the following major items are protected: engine, transmission, transfer unit 4x4, and drive axle.

Value Plus Vehicle Service Contract:

For drivers with higher mileage, our Value Plus vehicle service contract enables you to protect your used car for up to an additional 100,000 miles and five years. Need specifics? This vehicle service contract protects the following parts: engine, transmission, transfer unit 4x4, drive axle assembly (front and rear), air conditioner, steering, brakes (non abs), electrical, substitute transportation, and towing.

Purchase Our Preferred Vehicle Service Contract Services Today!

When it comes to the protection of your vehicle, our vehicle service contract services are an absolute must.

For details about our extended vehicle service contract packages, contact Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc. of Lee's Summit, Missouri at (816) 347-0900.

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