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Modern vehicle technology is extremely advanced and innovative. Some high tech systems have the ability to “see” other vehicles, objects or children playing, anticipate collisions, and automatically apply the brakes or take corrective steering actions if needed.

These high tech systems rely on a number of sensors, cameras, lasers, and radar to gather large sums of data. They monitor what is going on around the vehicle such as: other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, road signs, as well as the road itself. Inputs are processed by computers, which then prompt some action from the vehicle or the driver.

This advanced and innovative technology, however, is not perfect and is subject to failures just as all electronics are. Consumers commonly purchase extended protection plans for their smart phones, tablets, laptops, flat screens, and other high tech electronics. Why? Because most consumers have experienced a failure of some type.

Advanced and innovative high tech systems lead to specialty repairs that typically result in expensive repair costs. OEM Technology Protection covers the replacement cost for parts and labor when a covered system has a failure.

The cost to repair or replace a high tech system can cost as much as or more than an engine or other major repair.

For most of us the expense for high tech component repair doesn’t fit into our normal monthly budget. The most affordable way to pay for high tech failures is to budget for them ahead of time by purchasing OEM Technology Protection today, and including it in your monthly payment.

In addition to breakdown protection, the plan provides you 24 hour roadside assistance covering: towing, battery service, flat tire change, lock out service, as well as fluids delivery.

It also includes substitute transportation reimbursement.

Additional trip interruption protection is provided for when you are more than 100 miles from your home.

OEM Technology Protection: keeping your high tech components running. so you can focus on the road ahead.

To ensure peace of mind, all of our products are backed by A.M Best “A” rated Underwriters. With MBPI, you won’t have a provider that can’t provide for you in the future.

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This page provides a general overview of the product. Please refer to the actual contract provisions for additional information including details of benefits, eligibility, specific exclusions, terms, conditions, and limitations. Coverages may differ in certain states and coverage may not be available in all states.










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