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Preserving the Beauty of Your Vehicle with Advanced Technology and Superior Protection.

ResistAll NG2 products have set the standard for automotive protective coatings. They have been formulated to offer protection and coverage that far exceed the limited warranty coverage offered by a vehicle manufacturer.

Traditional hand applied applications take up to 3 times as long as the spray-on application of NG2.

MBPI, with its 39 plus years of customer and dealer satisfaction, has partnered with ResistAll to bring their award winning administration to the ResistAll product line, giving the consumer the best of both worlds.

ResistAll NG2 is the latest and most advanced exterior and interior protection. The science behind protection is that it takes advantage of positively-charged particles to combine with the negatively charged surface of a vehicle, and also includes nanoparticles, which create a hydrophobic high gloss finish.

Terms: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 year terms.

Exterior Coverage: The exterior treated surfaces, including spoilers, bumpers, trim areas, hinges, headlight lenses, and side-view mirrors, are warranted against: weather-induced fading or loss of gloss, oxidation, hard water etching, water spotting on chrome, industrial fallout, bird droppings, insects (including love bugs), tree sap, road salt, de-icing agents such as liquid or dry magnesium and/or calcium chloride, sand abrasion, acid rain, brake dust staining on chrome or aluminum alloy wheels, and accidental paint overspray.

Interior Coverage: The interior treated surfaces, including original factory floor mats and original factory-installed trunk and/or cargo area carpet, are warranted against ultra violet-induced fading, loose seam stitching, or permanent staining on the interior, including pigmented plastic door trim and consoles.

Additional Coverage: Vinyl/leather protection against weather-induced or ultraviolet-induced weakening or cracking of the vinyl/leather surfaces resulting in punctures less than ¼” inch in diameter or rips or tears less than 1” inch. The interior treated surfaces are also warranted against odor caused by mold or mildew as a result of food and/or drink.

To ensure peace of mind, all of our products are backed by A.M Best “A” rated Underwriters. With MBPI, you won’t have a provider that can’t provide for you in the future.

Contact MBPI at (800) 325-7484 and ask for our friendly sales team so they can direct you to one of our top rated Dealers in your neighborhood! You will be happy you did.

This page provides a general overview of the product. Please refer to the actual contract provisions for additional information including details of benefits, eligibility, specific exclusions, terms, conditions, and limitations. Coverages may differ in certain states and coverage may not be available in all states.










Vehicle Service Contract

Pays the cost of parts and labor for covered mechanical breakdown repairs.

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Total Loss Care

Provides assistance with costs associated with purchasing a replacement vehicle after a total loss.

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Pays the difference between the actual cash value of your vehicle and the balance of your loan

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Certified Pre-Owned

Thoroughly reconditioned vehicles providing peace of mind when buying a pre-owned vehicle

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Provides peace of mind when buying a pre-owned vehicle with a lifetime powertrain limited warranty

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OEM Technology Protection

Pays the cost of parts and labor for covered high-tech components on today’s vehicles

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Total Protection Package

Even the most careful owner has lost their keys, dinged a door, or even scraped a wheel.

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Premier Lease Care

Covers lease end wear and use fees associated with optional mechanical breakdown coverage

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Tire and Wheel

Pays for the repair or replacement of your tires or wheels when damaged by a covered road hazard

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Certified Maintenance

Lock in today’s pricing for routine maintenance, while using manufacturer’s certified technician

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MBP ID Fraud Solutions

MBPI provides you peace of mind with identity theft protection that includes financial and legal ben

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MBPI Theft Secure

Helps deter theft and pays up to $5,000 benefit if your car is stolen and not recovered

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