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Preferred Vehicle Service Contracts

Today’s vehicles are much more complex and technologically advanced than ever before—many having anywhere between 25 and 50 individual computers that control a variety of functions. With so many moving parts and complex technology, of course there’s a risk of something going wrong.

A sudden repair bill amounting to hundreds or thousands of dollars could easily and quickly break your budget or empty your bank account. Reduce the amount of risk that comes with vehicle ownership by planning ahead, and reward yourself with the peace of mind and worry-free driving experience you want and expect from your new vehicle. Make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected with coverage from MBPI.

Powertrain Care is our entry-level stated component coverage. It covers hundreds of individual parts and components in the following areas of your vehicle: engine, turbo or supercharger, transmission, transfer unit, 4×4 or AWD system, drive axle assembly, and seals and gaskets. Powertrain Care is here to cover the major parts of your vehicle that keep you on the road and running.

Classic Care is our value-level stated component coverage. It covers hundreds of individual parts and components in the following areas of your vehicle: engine, turbo or supercharger, transmission, transfer unit, 4×4 or AWD system, drive axle assembly, front suspension, rear suspension, fuel delivery system, cooling system, steering, brake system, electrical system, air conditioning unit, electronic parts.

Custom Care is our top-of-the-line stated component coverage. It covers hundreds of individual parts and components, starting with everything covered in the Classic Care, plus these additional parts and components: front suspension, rear suspension, steering, brake system, electrical system, air conditioning unit, electronic parts, and seals and gaskets.

Premier Care Vehicle Service Contract is an “All Risks” vehicle service contract, meaning that any specific risk that the contract does not exclude is automatically covered. It covers the parts and labor, less deductible, to repair thousands of key parts. “With a variety of terms of up to 10 years or 160,000 miles to choose from, there is a plan that fits your needs.” Failure of covered components due to defects in workmanship or materials and normal wear and tear are included. All covered repairs can be performed by factory trained technicians or by an approved certified repair facility of your choice. A Premier Care Vehicle Service Contract takes many of the risks of ownership away and helps to provide you with the peace of mind and worry free driving experience you expect from your new vehicle.

In addition to mechanical breakdown coverage you’ll get:

– Substitute transportation during repairs

– 24-hour emergency roadside assistance available at all times

– Trip interruption protection for unexpected expenses during repairs

– Live operators answering the phone, should you need to speak with us

Forward Motion (Pre-Owned Program)

Welcome to Forward Motion, your protection your way.
Because owning a vehicle can get expensive, we have Forward Motion, a program that is broken down into individual coverages and benefits so you can hand pick coverage for your vehicle that is unique and customized to your wants and needs! Start with Base Coverage and select additional coverages you would like to add. Each coverage is inclusive of the one before it. For example, Classic Coverage includes both Powertrain Coverage and Base Coverage.

Base Coverage: Engine, Towing Service, Flat Tire Change, Emergency Gas Delivery Service, Battery ­Jump Start Service, Key ­Lockout Service.

Optional Powertrain Coverage: Base Coverage, Transmission, Transfer Unit – 4×4 AWD, Drive Axle Assembly.

Optional Classic Coverage: Base Coverage, Powertrain Coverage, Air Conditioner, Front and Rear Suspension, Steering, Brakes (Non­ ABS), Electrical.

Note: Any part not specifically listed above is not covered.

Optional Extensive Coverage: Forward Motion Extensive Coverage provides your vehicle with the most comprehensive coverage available. It includes Base, Powertrain and Classic coverages. Forward Motion Extensive Coverage is so comprehensive that it would be impossible to list all of the parts that are covered. For a full view of coverage ask a Dealer Representative.

Optional Coverage & Benefits: Seals and gaskets out to 125,000 miles, lifted/lowered vehicle coverage, rental car and trip interruption coverage, and $100 deductible.

Protect your vehicle. Protect your budget. Protect your peace of mind. Forward Motion.

To ensure peace of mind, all of our products are backed by A.M Best “A” rated Underwriters. With MBPI, you won’t have a provider that can’t provide for you in the future.

Contact MBPI at (800) 325-7484 and ask for our friendly sales team so they can direct you to one of our top rated Dealers in your neighborhood! You will be happy you did.

This page provides a general overview of the product. Please refer to the actual contract provisions for additional information including details of benefits, eligibility, specific exclusions, terms, conditions, and limitations. Coverages may differ in certain states and coverage may not be available in all states.










Total Loss Care

Provides assistance with costs associated with purchasing a replacement vehicle after a total loss.

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Pays the difference between the actual cash value of your vehicle and the balance of your loan

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Certified Pre-Owned

Thoroughly reconditioned vehicles providing peace of mind when buying a pre-owned vehicle

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Provides peace of mind when buying a pre-owned vehicle with a lifetime powertrain limited warranty

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OEM Technology Protection

Pays the cost of parts and labor for covered high-tech components on today’s vehicles

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Total Protection Package

Even the most careful owner has lost their keys, dinged a door, or even scraped a wheel.

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Premier Lease Care

Covers lease end wear and use fees associated with optional mechanical breakdown coverage

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Tire and Wheel

Pays for the repair or replacement of your tires or wheels when damaged by a covered road hazard

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Certified Maintenance

Lock in today’s pricing for routine maintenance, while using manufacturer’s certified technician

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MBP ID Fraud Solutions

MBPI provides you peace of mind with identity theft protection that includes financial and legal ben

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MBPI Theft Secure

Helps deter theft and pays up to $5,000 benefit if your car is stolen and not recovered

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Protects painted exterior from common environmental damage, Protects interior from, common stains

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